In Historic Old Colorado City, 8 South 25th Street (1/2 block off Colorado Ave)

Long Play Dress

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Summer Love Tye Dyes, LLC.
8 South 25th Street
Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


Tye Dye Care Instructions

Taking Care of your Tye Dyes is as easy as doing your laundry. All of our items have been dyed with fiber reactive dyes that are permanent once "fixed". Once we have tyed and dyed each item it is rinsed, and then washed twice to ensure all excess dye is removed and your item is ready to wear.

To Wash: there is no need to separate the dyes from your regular laundry. They will not shrink, fade or bleed as a result of regular use or washing. Please iron as you would any similar item and if you like - dry cleaning is just fine as well.

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